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The Future of Cable Is Accelerated to Multi-Gigabit Speed

The Future of Cable Is Accelerated

via The Future of Cable Is Accelerated to Multi-Gigabit Speed

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Church and Dwight move Windows Server licenses to Azure for cost optimization

Why run Windows Server on Azure? Find out from Church and Dwight, the major American manufacturer of household products. In this video, learn about the benefits of running their Windows Servers on Azure, the saving on costs by leveraging Azure Hybrid Benefit, and their short and long-term strategic goals.
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Microsoft Teams for Frontline Workers

People build a relationship with your company, products, services, and brand through Frontline Workers. Make sure that your Frontline Workers are empowered to maximize their impact. One way you can do that is through Microsoft Teams, which has features to help your employees achieve even more. Check out this video to learn what Teams can do for you.
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A new way to get things done

Since the beginning, Surface has been known for versatile designs that enable people to work and create in new ways, with devices that fit seamlessly into the flow of your day.

Surface Duo is a dual screen device that transforms the productivity we get from working across two screens – creating a new way to get things done. Its design allows for multiple app experiences at once, providing a flexibility that allows your team to better serve your customers. Now, your team can work however, whenever and wherever they want.

With Surface Duo:

-Multitask between a video conference call on one screen while using a different app on the other.
-Enjoy the best of the Microsoft 365* mobile experiences, every Android app in the Google Play Store**, and a built-in compatibility with your Windows 10 PC.
-Surface Duo’s biometric locking system combined with the Microsoft ecosystem ensures security for the entire team.

If Surface Duo sounds like a good fit for you and your team, let’s connect and talk more.

+91 7034833349

*Subscription required.

**Additional fees and/or subscriptions required for some apps and features. Available apps may vary by carrier and over time. Calling requires data plan; see carrier for pricing and coverage details.

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Expand your workplace, not your desk space

We find ourselves adapting to a new way of working, and adjusting our expectations for how we get our work done. We have become more flexible in where we work, whether it’s in our home office or at our kitchen table. But where we don’t want to make a change is in what we know we can achieve. Staying focused on our goals has become a goal itself.  

Surface offers choice, value, and a premium experience across the portfolio of devices, from our compact, lightweight Surface Go to our powerful, all-in-one desktop Surface Studio 2. No matter where or how they work, there is a perfect match for everyone on your team, whether they depend on essential apps vital to their everyday tasks or need pro-level storage and high performance to work in demanding, graphics-intensive software.  

If you’d like to learn more about getting started with Surface for Business, please contact us.  

+91 7034833349 

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Empowering and securing your Frontline Workforce

This eBook is geared towards helping you proactively equip Frontline Workers. With access to the tools and technology, they’ll be able to be productive and start with a strong foundation. Learn how Azure Active Directory from Microsoft can help.
View: Empowering and securing your Frontline Workforce

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Support your teams in the Anywhere Office

As businesses reimagine the future of work, your teams should be empowered to connect and collaborate from anywhere. See how the new Anywhere Office can enable your teams to work in a secure, collaborative environment and in ways that are natural to them. Give employees the freedom to work anywhere on the devices they love while IT pros retain the control needed to keep your workforce safe and secure. The Anywhere Office can simplify IT with modern device management and lets your teams focus on creating solutions.

Learn how Surface devices enable your Anywhere Office with this free guide.
View: Support your teams in the Anywhere Office

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Microsoft Azure Arc: Enabling management & data services outside Azure infrastructure

Microsoft Azure Arc is a set of software technologies that is designed to help companies meet their governance challenges and make Azure services available everywhere across their diverse and sometimes sprawling infrastructures. With Azure Arc, familiar Azure tools, technologies, and methods can be used across environments, including environments with limited or no connectivity to Azure.

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View: Microsoft Azure Arc: Enabling management & data services outside Azure infrastructure