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Discover the key capabilities designers need most.

While portability is important, if a laptop is too small, it can become a hindrance. Your screen needs to be large enough for you to see your entire work area and easily access the tools you need. Many laptops today have 15-inch or larger screens, which offer you the visual real estate you need without compromising aesthetics. You can also choose a 2-in-1 computer, which lets you switch between laptop and tablet modes to best fit your activity while delivering the high performance you need to run your key creative tools. In tablet mode, you can use a drawing stylus to sketch out your design or create mock-ups on the fly when brainstorming. Tablet mode can also be a great way to present your work. It’s easy to sit side by side with a client and flip through your designs, pausing to zoom in and point out important elements.

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Fully satisfied with your gaming experience? Don’t forget this simple rule: the better your SSD, the better your experience. And one way to get a rich, smooth, realistically immersive experience is with an Intel® SSD.

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