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Maturity of effort infographic

Microsoft promotes a mature view of risk analytics. This infographic details the tiers of maturity many organizations must work through before reaching an advanced degree of security.
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DHHS: Platform plus agile development

Digitally transforming public services to make them accessible to everyone who needs them as quickly as possible is key to building trust in public agencies. But to do so effectively, governments need to ensure that their applications and websites remain as accessible and user-friendly as possible, which requires that they streamline processes, choose stable platforms, and follow the best development methodologies. If these new apps are adopted correctly, they can provide governments with universally accessible two-way channels for interacting with citizens that lessen reliance on physical interaction, while providing government employees more and better information about their cases.  

Watch this video to learn how an agile approach to app development combined with Microsoft Azure is changing the way the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) in Victoria, Australia, is delivering IT to its department and the entire state.

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NSW: Empowering through ease of use

For the New South Wales Department of Education, getting students excited about technology started with ease of use. Students were empowered through using technology they were originally unfamiliar with and over time creating professional quality work. Teachers saw increased confidence levels as well as authentic interest from students wanting to learn more. 

We want devices and technology that are easy to use, whether it be students in an educational environment or employees in the modern workplace. Ease of use must be a priority, and Microsoft Teams was built for this. View this video for a quick glimpse of this.

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Better on Azure: The benefits of using Azure for Windows Server and SQL Server workloads

Azure is a logical choice for Windows Server and SQL server workloads. This whitepaper examines how Azure supports applications that rely on SQL Server or Windows Server in four key areas: security, rapid innovation, hybrid solutions and cost advantage.
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