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Transformation potential infographic

Microsoft has the tools, resources, and experience to help your business manage financial risk while fighting against fraud. This infographic visually represents potential vulnerabilities and explains how fraud detection serves to eliminate them.
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Manage financial risk and reduce fraud pitch deck

Microsoft is devoted to providing customers with reliable data forecasting and protecting against fraud vulnerabilities. This pitch deck includes key benefits, values, and statistics so you can navigate educating your customers. Focus sections include optimizing financial operations, revenue protection, adapting to risks, and reducing costs.
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DHHS: Growing community services with apps

Organizations in almost every industry have transformed themselves via digital technologies, and the public healthcare sector is no exception. By digitizing, providers can deliver services that meet the evolving expectations of citizens and businesses, even in a period of tight budgets and complex challenges. Citizens prefer digital services and immensely value the increased convenience they provide. Digital services can also empower citizens and broaden their engagement with government agencies, leading to increased trust and improved patient experiences.  

Watch this video to learn how the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) in Victoria, Australia, is using Microsoft Azure to amplify its portfolio of citizen-facing applications, deliver online housing register, and improve its client incident management system.

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NSW: Preparing students for the future

Globally, education looks different in various regions. But one common commonality is for student exposure to technology so they can develop skills that will be useful in their future.  

In New South Wales, Australia, one of the goals of incorporating Microsoft Teams into the education department is to provide and prepare students for whatever the future might deliver. As one educator stated, “Being digitally resilient and actually understanding how to use technology the right way…I think that really is the key.”

View this video to learn how a large organization utilizes Microsoft Teams to prepare students for the future.

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What is Microsoft Teams?

This video shows how you can pull together a team with Microsoft Teams on your PC, Mac, or mobile device. Use chat instead of email, securely edit files at the same time, see your likes, mentions, and replies with just a single tap, and have the freedom to customize it all by adding notes, websites, and apps.
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