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Sustainability Calculator

The Microsoft Sustainability Calculator is a Power BI Pro application for Azure enterprise customers that provides new insight into carbon emissions data associated with their Azure services. For the first time, those responsible for reporting on and driving sustainability within their organizations will have the ability to quantify the carbon impact of each Azure subscription over a period of time and data center region, and to see estimated carbon savings from running those workloads in Azure versus on-premises data centers. This data is crucial for reporting existing emissions and will help drive additional decarbonization efforts. For more information on cloud computing and sustainability, contact us today.
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Digital transformation has become one of the keys that modern healthcare providers use to unlock increased efficiency and dramatically improve their patients’ experiences. From applications that enable patients to solicit their services from any location to collaboration software that allows providers to increase the effectiveness of existing services, digital is transforming the industry in ways that were previously unthinkable.

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Digital collaboration is key to success in the modern workplace

What is Microsoft Teams? It’s a collaboration hub—a place to conduct 1:1 and group chat and to engage in powerful online meetings. It has Enterprise calling and voice with built-in Office 365 apps. Teams’ versatility is stronger than ever, while maintaining enterprise-grade security and compliance that customers rely on. App integration is also built in—and there’s a steady increase in organizations utilizing apps with the tool. There’s a reason it’s the fastest growing business application in Microsoft history.

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Adapt business processes to changing technologies and demand

Modernize, automate, and adapt with Microsoft tools. Discover how to update technologies to solve changes, cut costs, and save time—transforming your organization. Microsoft solutions and business applications make the process seamless. For all the latest insights into agile business processes, plus news and tips, subscribe now.
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Shipping company navigates to the cloud, boosts security, cuts operating costs by 50%

Qatari shipping and maritime company Nakilat has one of the world’s largest fleets of liquefied natural gas (LNG) carriers, transporting LNG from Qatar to global markets. To increase its competitive advantage, Nakilat wanted to improve employee productivity and mobility, without compromising on data security. It uses Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Cloud App Security to deliver highly secure cloud-first workplaces—shipboard and in the office. Nakilat also adopted the Microsoft Azure platform to optimize its operations and improve business continuity, reducing operating costs by 50 percent. See more in this video.