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The leading South African law firm steps up digital innovation to build the legal practice of tomorrow

With over 150 years of history and experience in the legal market, Webber Wentzel has become one of South Africa’s most prominent law firms, operating at the forefront of legal services and home to the country’s longest-standing pro bono practices. The firm aims to act as a beacon of innovation for the industry. In this video, see how Webber Wentzel has taken advantage of the capabilities of Office 365 to create a more efficient and collaborative workplace for its teams, while facilitating and securing client interactions.
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Build a Bot in Minutes with QnA Maker #TWiCognitive

In this episode of This Week in Cognitive, host Noelle LaCharite explores how quick and easy it is to create a chatbot that can answer top-of-mind questions for employees or customers. Leveraging QnA Maker, she builds a bot in minutes from a FAQ website and even gives it some personality. 
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The 4 main types of secure hardware

IoT is everywhere: industries, smart cities, homes, and wearables are just a few examples. It’s an everyday reality and the number of connected devices is rising rapidly. But with connectivity comes vulnerability. IoT devices present always-on targets for hackers looking to access your business’ network and device cloud, gain malicious control of the device, or steal critical data.

Since there are so many potential ways in which cybercriminals can hack into online devices, it’s no secret that their connections to each other and the cloud need scalable and easily deployable security solutions. Read this infographic to learn about the 4 most commonly used standards for secure hardware used to protect today’s devices.
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Kroger: Video analytics for action

Customizability in the retail industry can prove quite challenging. It requires tons of data, the capacity to accurately analyze said data, and the creativity to innovate based upon the results obtained. All of this must be executed while ensuring an intuitive shopping experience that maximizes available space and avoids over-saturation, both visually and physically. If this sounds complex, that's because it is—but when done properly, it can unlock a myriad of opportunities to provide your shoppers with tailor-made experiences.  

In this video, you’ll watch how Kroger, the largest supermarket chain in the U.S., is utilizing video analytics to improve operations and create revenue-generating customer experiences.