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Increase sales with AI-prioritized activities and cadences

Increase sales and adjust to fluctuations in demand by scaling sales resources and arming digital sellers with training/skilling and next best action enablement tools. Learn how Microsoft makes it possible. Subscribe now.
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Miami Dade

Serving almost 400 schools and over 345,000 students, this US school district has a significant task–even more so during a health pandemic that necessitates remote learning. Fortunately, the district has been ready for some time.

Read this story to learn how the district’s digital initiative “allowed the county to integrate increasing amounts of technology methodically and effectively into the classroom” which ultimately gave educators and students access to and experience with technology before the pandemic required it.
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Resilience and transformation for the future of learning

Due to the global pandemic, nearly every school district has at least dabbled in distance learning. This document shares key learnings and examples of districts’ responses last year when the health crisis necessitated remote teaching and learning. Use this implementation guide to inform planning for the next steps—what does future remote and hybrid learning look like? What should future models of learning incorporate?
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The 7 properties of highly secure devices

Every day, new IoT devices are powering up around the world. Each one represents a source of insights into customer behavior and provides the data required to create and monitor impactful strategies. On the flip side, all of them also represent a possible entry point for malicious software and cybercriminals to steal sensitive business information and permanently damage an organization’s reputation.

To counter this threat, enterprise security has gotten increasingly elaborate and effective at creating multiple security systems depending on the property of each device and its relationship with the customer.

In this infographic, you’ll learn about the 7 properties that help modern IoT devices stay safe from cyber attacks and keep hackers at bay.
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Kroger​: Digital shelves entice customers

Some would argue that grocery shopping, price tags, and offers go hand in hand. However, traditional paper coupons and price tags are extremely inefficient. First and foremost, they're the opposite of environmentally friendly and most of them end up as unrecycled waste. Then there's the issue of production costs, which not only include the production of thousands of assets, but also the logistics of their storage and distribution. Lastly, there's the manual effort involved in changing, including, or updating hundreds of price tags across retail stores. 

Thankfully, digital transformation has allowed for creative and effective ways for grocery stores to leave paper behind forever. In this video, you’ll learn how retail industry giant Kroger is leading the way to more efficient, impactful, and eco-friendly supermarket experiences.