How To Make a plan for your account ( For Gmail Normal Account )

How To Make a plan for your account ( For Gmail Normal Account ). To know more about Plans other than Gmail Normal Account Visit To get 20% off on the first year on Gsuit, mail me at Move on to Windows 10 Pro via
For office 365 Business Visit :
For M365 the COMPLETE, visit :

Follow the basic procedure shown in this video and make relevant changes you need according to your plan. Note : I have disabled the plan at the end of this tutorial, and if that plan needs to work for you, you will have to enable that. I have enabled the same for one of my email id as it is enough for my requirement.

Now do you want to create and upload such videos using your Windows PC, Follow the below instructions and create some interesting and helpful tutorials others may need.

How to record and upload a tutorial which is more good enough than this tutorial using Screen Recorder Pro …

(1) Go to
(2) Download Install through Microsoft Store App on PC with windows 10 Pro
(3) Configure it’s settings if needed
(4) Start creating a session using any of your available resources on your computer screen which guides, teaches or describes a process which can be followed by fellow youtube visitors visiting your channel
(5) Press record button on the CAPTURA window which will be available upon launching Screen Recorder Pro on a window PC when you are ready.
(6) Press Stop button after you finish the process you are trying to teach
(7) The process done on the screen would be recorded as per your configuration made on step 3
(8) Find that video which describes the process you intend to upload and upload to youtube after checking the relevant youtube terms and settings for your channel on youtube. You can find my channel here at :